Team Leadership

Team Leadership
Danielle Williams
MGT 521
June 1, 2015
Donna Perkett

Team Leadership
I was asked to create this memo to comply with the company's entrance into a new market segment. I have been paired with a team for this assignment, assembled to carry out the company's plans and meet its goals. I, Danielle Williams, will team with Christopher Joshua, Robert Preston, Colleen Scali, and Curtrina Swan to achieve the goals assigned to our group. We are very different people, but we also share many similarities. After analyzing the personalities of the group members, I think the best approach for us would something along the lines of a democratic style, with some laissez-faire attributes. Our similarities will allow the group to take less time to agree on main issues, and our differences open the members' eyes to new ways to tackle activities. Colleen, Curtrina, and I are all introverted, so we may not be vocal enough with our opinions, whereas Robert and Chris are more on the extroverted side, so they will make sure that their opinions and concerns are heard more often. Robert and Christopher are more intuitive than Curtrina and me, who rely on our senses and what is going on around us. These different personality traits will allow our group to be diverse and use those differences to efficiently and effectively accomplish the goals for this new department and our company as a whole.
To start, I want to highlight each team members' traits, and what leadership style and environment in which they would be most productive, then I will lay out how all of our differences will come together to make this new department as great as we possibly can.
Colleen has an INTJ personality, meaning she is introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging. To be a successful leader in her eyes, one has to be confident in their work, abilities, and style of leadership. She has tendencies to be skeptical and stubborn, and you have to approach her with solid facts and concrete...