Team Leadership Paper

University Of Phoenix

Team Leadership
      What is Leadership?   Leadership is a person that aids and supports his staff or employees to execute tasks and guide them in many different aspects. Leaders are very important in all companies and organizations for them to run smooth and complete their objectives.

      This memo is intended for the soul purpose of being successful in the new market segment, with a dynamic team that will   accomplish the goals set by the company and exceed the their expectative. Also to develop and organize a leadership approach for each one on the team based on their leadership capabilities, skills and personalities.

      Our team consists of five members (Adrian, Felix, Carlos, Orlando and Eduardo.) They will make part of a new department that will aid in the strategic plan to enter a new market. The company’s goals that the team must fulfill consist of creating a marketing strategy for the product and provide a strategic plan to efficiently distribute the product around the country. Once settled if it is agreed the team will work towards the global distribution.

      The members selected for this team are very capable and each has different traits and skills that will help convey our mission. The team members will be assigned to specific tasks according their personality assessment and skills they can provide the company.

      Adrian with his persuasive and charismatic personality will be in charge of the product campaign and will create events for the launch of the product. Felix is versatile and possesses entrepreneurial skills. He will be in charge of the strategic planning for the product’s distribution and making contacts with our distributors. Orlando possesses likewise skills as Felix but is more individualistic but can also do many tasks at once. He will be in charge of marketing strategy and orient his staff to make new pathways for our...