I have had a developing interest in teaching since University. Foremost the ambition to teach developed because of my desire to work with young people, to help in their education; I see it as a most rewarding vocation. I am a communicator, a ‘people person’ and I know this is a career I will really enjoy. Having a twenty-eight month son myself I love being with young children and I take him to the local ‘Sure-Start’ centre where I have experience in getting the children to organize and tidy up their toys.   I find myself most attracted to the primary sector as some of the main influences on my life have come from my primary teachers, and these developing years of a child’s life are those where I feel education is exciting, experimental, and the relationship between class teacher and child is vital. The reasons range from building my career as a teacher to the inspiration from my favourite teachers, especially from my family. I also believe that a career in teaching is rewarding and well-respected. I have all the attributes required to be a good teacher.   I am organised; able to plan and follow a set task to a deadline. Furthermore, I am able to work under pressure, setting myself targets and pushing myself to achieve goals. I am a patient individual aware of the need to be understanding and am a listener able to connect with those around me.
I completed my BA honours in English literature from The National University in Bangladesh.Then I went on to the Masters of Arts in English from the same institution, which is considered comparable to aB.A (Hons) degree. During study I showed myself a confident communicator with people at all levels, an assured team member and someone with a love of English Literature.
I worked alongside a team of teachers, sharing responsibility for the preparation of the class and other areas by being involved in the day to day planning concerning immediate issues; building up   rapport with   colleagues. My duties extended to marking   One of...