Qualities That I Bring To the Teaching Profession
Rebecca Hampton
Secondary Education – Theatre

From the first day of my freshman year from the time I walked out on my last day of senior year, I enjoyed being a high school student. Making the cheer team the end of my 8th grade year, before even finishing out my middle school career, ensured me an involved, stable first year. Not only did it help that my junior dance team sister drove me to school in her Hyundai Tucson the first day of school, but I was greeted by all of my sister’s friends in the parking lot.
I know I truly got lucky with my high school experience, but I am positive it was so great for a couple of reasons. One, I was involved. And two, I was involved in everything. I believe it is completely essential for students to be involved in high school. Sports, clubs, etc. add so much to a high school experience. Simply put, extracurriculars MAKE a high school experience.
Students need something they feel they belong to. They need a nitch, a group of friends, something to keep them involved. I see high school as a hit or miss time for students—they can either be inspired, or go downhill.
I attended a higher income school in northwest Las Vegas, so, naturally, many students there have had previous training and practice in different sports, activities, and arts. Never have been the greatest singer and having only a little acting experience, I never got myself a main part in a theatre production. However, I always had the opportunity of being thrown in thee “ensemble” with the 60 other students who did not get a main part either.
I was always left frustrated with the fact that I felt so insignificant in theatre. But it was not because I didn’t get a main part. Honestly, I was completely content with the fact that I was not the strongest theatrical performer, but I still wanted to feel important to the production. Looking back I wish I could have been involved in a different way. Rather than being...