Assignment : Unit 426- Teaching, learning and assessment in education and training

Write a report in which you analyse
(a)your own role and responsibilities in education and training
Apart from the primary role which is to teach there are other roles and responsibilities required from a teacher or trainer, some of which are:-
  * Carrying out initial assessment by use of interviews, filling of questionnaires,   knowing educational background, specialist test, discussion etc.All these help you the teacher to know where the students are going, to know their individual needs and provide or use the necessary resources to help them achieve goals.
            A further diagnostic assessment is carried out to know the strength and                     weakness of prospective students and to put them on the right course or programme         to help get best result and put them in correct positions in life.
  * It is also imperative as a teacher to have a clear communication witw learners so they can what you teaching by using appropriate tenses or acceptable formal language as this will help students their work and future paths.Because your role as a teacher goes beyond the teaching environment you also need have clear and proper communication with other professionals and stakeholders with interest of students to help bring about a desired goal and achievements free from any difficulty and obstructions.
  * Another role is to be organised in   the area of note preparation/lesson plan, scheme of work, arriving at school before your student to get the classroom ready for lesson.There should be enough preparation in all aspects of teaching as this will reflect in the way things are done in your class, correct and   adequate resources must be provided for teaching.
  * Promoting respect and appropriate behaviour in the class and beyond is yet another role of a teacher.Guidelines must be there for students to use as yardstick to respect each others views and opinions...