Learning outcome 5

The course that I was delivering was ESOL in which all the learners were speakers of different language which means also that their social back ground is different. Therefore, as a teacher I had to find a way to meet all their learning needs, in order to deliver inclusive learning.
Moreover, when teaching we have to take into account that not two learners have the same learning style. Besides most of the ESOL learners had far more cultural differences which even made it more challenging? Checking the background knowledge learners bring to the classroom influences how they understand the material you share and lessons or learning opportunities you provide (Fisher & Frey, 2007). Thus unless checking understanding it is difficult to   know what students using hence, the initial assessment and the group profile did give me valuable background information that helped me   to plan my teaching. Even so due to lack of experience my teaching methods did not work initially such as when embedding ICT into the lesson.

  Quality of teaching that took place was good. Pupils understood what they had to do, and those pupils who were confused by the work understood after having gone through the work again with me. The starter worked well. I worked through the first question of the exercise with the pupils to make sure everyone knew what to do. Pupils responded to this, but some wanted to go on the work without waiting for the rest of the class. If I use this technique again I will not show them the question but just give them instructions, so that I have everyone’s attention

Learning outcome: 5
(Cont.) 5.2: Analyse ways to improve of own practice in using inclusive learning and teaching approaches in meeting the needs of learners.


Unit amplification/Check list:

o Learning: e.g. researching learning styles, special needs training, exploring new modes of delivery and assessment, and varying learning approaches, shadowing experienced...