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The Manchester College

Job Application Form
Thank you for showing an interest in a position at The Manchester College. In order to assist you in making your application, you should refer to the following documents. • Job description • Application form • Person specification • Equal opportunities form

Human Resources Department
Openshaw Campus, Ashton Old Road Openshaw, Manchester M11 2WH Telephone Minicom Fax e-mail 0161 953 2249 0161 953 2943 0161 953 2270 hr@themanchestercollege.ac.uk

How to complete the application form
When completing this application form, please give us all the relevant information that would be useful in assessing your application, considering the job description and person specification for the position. For example, rather than just state that you can do something, please show us how you can demonstrate this by giving relevant examples. Please contact the Human Resources Department if you have any queries regarding this application. Completed applications must be returned by the closing date.

The Manchester College has a range of employment policies in place in order to ensure fair recruitment methods are in place. In line with the Recruitment Policy, all candidates must complete an application form. Curriculum vitae will not be accepted. The college’s Equality and Diversity statement ensures that all candidates are treated fairly and that the best person for the job is employed. Any information that is collected or processed as part of the recruitment process will be dealt with in line with data protection guidelines. All policy information is available on request from the Human Resources Department.

Submitting the application form
If filling out the form by hand, print it out and write firmly to ensure clear photocopies can be taken. Please write clearly in black ink. If completing the application electronically, save the form and send as an attachment to hr@themanchestercollege.ac.uk

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