Teaching Tolerance Will Foster Diversity

Teaching Tolerance will Foster Diversity
Cami L. Southwell
AED 200
November21, 2010
Patty Smith

Teaching Tolerance will Foster Diversity
I greatly believe that tolerance should be taught in schools around the world. With the technology seemingly creating a smaller world the diversity of the world’s society demands that tolerance be practiced. Although many believe that tolerance is a value that is contrived from the moral base of a student’s home-life. I firmly believe that even if a student comes from a less than tolerant home practicing a learned behavior while attending school can spill out into the rest of their life. I also e should follow much curriculum on teaching tolerance. Teaching tolerance would have to be taught just the same way as we teach about respect for oneself as well as others; in the pre-k and elementary school levels. To teach students to not only truly respect themselves and others then tolerance will follow much easier.
If teachers are allowed to teach tolerance to younger students just imagine how easy it would be to introduce a new concept like tolerance to them. Children are basically clean slate for us as teachers to “write on”. Yes, once children begin school they have already been exposed to whatever values their families hold dear, but it doesn’t mean that it is too late to introduce new ideas to them even if they are ideas that are different than what they have seen for the past four to five years. A perfect example of this is a program called the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teacher Tolerance Program which was started in 1991 (Thomas, Dece). This program offers free classroom materials designed to promote appreciation of diversity, which in turn allows the children who take part in this program a voice on how they want to learn more about kids that are different form themselves. One of the programs that have developed from this program is the “Mix It Up at Lunch Day” idea (Thomas, Dece) . This program has children sit...