Teaching Roles and Resposibilities in Education and Training

Assignment 1

Task 2- Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.

My role is to teach my students the subject in question and then I train them on how to use their profound knowledge in the real world.  

First of all, an assessment would need to take place in order to ascertain their current skills and to ensure the program is right for them.   We will agree an individual learning plan and write realistic aims and objectives.
I am responsible for giving appropriate information, advice and guidance, also keeping records of what we have discussed.

My planning will include the subjects I will teach, the activities I will provide and the resources I will need; and at what stage throughout the course it will be taught.

At all times, I will act professionally; speak appropriately with a loud clear voice.  
I have the experience needed to teach the group and will be conforming to professional codes of practice and values.
I will maintain a safe and supportive environment and follow the awarding organisation and external body requirements.

As a teacher, I have to teach in an inclusive and engaging way, using a variety of teaching methods to motivate my learners.

I will assess and mark work on time and give feedback accordingly.   Also a record of their progress will be kept.  
During the course and at the end of the course, I will request feedback to enable me to improve my teaching skills which will help present and future students achieve their full potential.

Task 3- Summarise key aspects of legislation, regularity requirements and codes of practice relating to own role and responsibilities.

In order for me to teach my students, it is important that I ensure all appropriate aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice is understood and adhered to.

Legislation includes:
  * Health and safety at work act 1974
  * Special education needs and disability act 2001
  * Equality act 2010...