Teaching Roles and Responsibilties in Education and Training

Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.
The primary aim of a teacher is to enable each learner to achieve to the best of their ability through working in a safe and supportive environment.   This includes ensuring the learner is enrolled on the correct course to meet their organisational requirements, which also meets their aspirations and abilities.
The following stages form the teaching cycle and explain the role of the teacher at each stage -
Stage 1 - Identify needs and plan accordingly
Careful preparation and an understanding of the learner’s individual needs, expectations and abilities are essential.   Good preparation at this stage will encourage the learner to complete the course.
This can be achieved by completing diagnostic assessments early in the course development by interviewing each learner before the course starts.   The needs of each individual should then become apparent and the teacher can plan accordingly.
Range of learner needs – SPICE
Social – This can affect how a learner interacts with the trainer and other students, a bad previous experience of education can put a learner off the experience of learning a new subject.   For example, a learner who has been bullied previously may need to be encouraged to participate in group activities.
Physical – Physical disabilities need to be addressed by law, also sensory disabilities can be assessed and worked around.   The learner has a right to study in a safe environment that is suitable for their needs.   For example, where a deaf learner is positioned could be important to their development.   The National Deaf Children’s Society produces a deaf friendly classroom pack which includes tips on how to accommodate deaf students.
Intellectual – A group may have a diverse range of intellectual abilities which will all need to be addressed.   All of the group should be catered for with facilities in place for each member to learn at their own pace.   For example, a group...