Teaching Roles and Responsibilities in Education and Training

A. Teaching Roles and Responsibilities in Education and Training.
Roles |                   Responsibilities |
Identifying needs |
● The needs of students and     Organisation should be sorted out       and properly   Identified.● Different learning styles should be     adopted to suit any particular     student.● The modus operandi of boundaries     within the organisation should be     clearly spelt out | ● Ethics, policies and procedures of     organisation should be strictly     adhered to.● In all ramification and endeavours     within the organisation,     confidentiality should be highly   maintained.● Code of dressing should be normal     and appropriate. |
Planning learning |
● Proper planning of lessons to be     delivered. When, how,   where and   what actual time.● Activities and resources to be used   should be adequately prepared and   ready. | ● Scheme of work, aims and sessional     possible outcome should be     designed to enhance effective     teachings.● Risk assessments of various     activities should be carried out. |
Facilitating learning |
● To motivate the students, different     teaching and learning techniques     should be adopted. E.g. kinaesthetic     learning.● Equality among the students should     be promoted. Also, diversity should     be uttermost valued and     encouraged.● Inclusive method of teaching should   be used in order to engage all the     students | ● New Ideas, creativities and     technology should be     incorporated.● Inappropriate and unruly behaviour     should be dealt with as soon as it     occur● Individual students should be     supported and helped appropriately |
    Assessing learning |
● The daily progress of the students     should be noted and assessed. | ● Various assessment methods     should be adopted. E.g. formal and     informal |
                                            Quality assurance and Evaluation |
● The teaching and learning process     should be evaluated and improved●...