Teaching Assistant

|Age                 |Social, Emotional & Behavioural Developement               |Physical Development                                         |Communication & Intellectual Development               |
|0-2 Yrs             |Learn to recognise familiar people. By 12 month recognize |From birth there is little control over movements. By 4-5     |Babies are stimulated by sounds and listen to songs   |
|                   |how people feel (become effectively tuned). Between 1-2   |months they have some control and can sit up with support.   |and noises around them. By 6 months they will be able |
|                   |yrs they develop a sense of identity. Sense when others   |9-12 months they become very mobile i.e. Crawling. At around |to predict the outcome of certain games and understand|
|                   |fear for them (Social Referencing). Love to be praised.   |12-15 months they begin to walk alone and can stand/kneel     |that objects are still there even if hidden. By 1-2   |
|                   |                                                           |without support. At 18 months they can walk alone with       |yrs they can put words together                       |
|                   |                                                           |confidence and carry things.                                 |                                                       |
|2-3Yrs             |Start to use symbolic play(imitating others) and role     |At 2 yrs a child is very mobile, can walk, run, kick a ball   |By 2-3 years vocabulary has increased to around 200   |
|                   |play.                                                     |and is beginning to draw.                                     |words and they can recognise colours.                 |
|3-7 Yrs             |Begin to value companionship but also value being alone.   |Begin to hone and develop fine motor skills, i.e. Drawing,   |Between 3-7yrs children become a lot more skilled with|