Teaching Assistant

As a teaching assisting it is my duties to create a safe and positive environment in which to make learning more exciting. I also have to help with minimize any behaviour   problems as soon as they start. I would also make sure that I had good knowledge of the instrument prior to the lesson and if I didn’t have any knowledge about the instrument, I would ask the teacher how to use the instrument and what they were all called. As a teaching assistant I also have to make sure there was a safe and suitable space for all the equipment to be setup in. I would check that all the instrument was in good working order and not damaged before and after the lesson, if there were to be any damaged I would report it to the teacher. I also have to show the class how to use the instruments correctly and help any pupils who are struggling to use the instruments, to do this I would show them how to hold the instrument properly and how to use them again. As a teaching assistant I would supervise the pupils at all time to minimize any disruptive pupil or behavior problems which would help keep the other pupils interested in the lesson.
I always have to carry observation on the children to unsure that they have the ability to use the instruments and achieve the outcome they need. I would always have to give feedback to the teacher and also the pupils at the end of every lesson.
At the end of the lesson I would help the teacher and the pupils tidy up and put away the instruments safely. This will allow a safe and clean environment for the next lesson.

As a teaching assistant it is my role to assisting with the preparation of the resources before the lesson and tidying up afterwards. I would ensure that the classroom is setup and ready before the lesson. I would also have to make sure the classroom was safe and tidy. To do this I would make sure all other lesson materials were put away and all other working areas were clean and tidy.
I would make sure that all instruments were...