Teaching Assistant


TUTOR TALK: The Learning Outcomes for this assignment are:

Discuss the support that a teaching assistant provides for others and the
development of good working relationships

Unit Summary
This unit is about the support that a teaching assistant provides for others and the development of
good working relationships. It covers teamwork, support for colleagues, other professionals and

ELEMENT ONE – Working in Teams

1. The responsibilities of the different teams operating within the school
For teaching staff it is becoming increasingly necessary to work in teams; teams across departments,
teams within departments and teams within classrooms. For all individuals who work in teams, it is
vital to be clear about the roles of all members, particularly their own.
As members of the school staff, teaching assistants will be expected to be able to work in teams, with
the shared goal of delivering the best for their pupils. They will be able to seek support and advice
from colleagues, and are expected to work alongside them effectively.
The teams may also encompass a range of adults other than teachers, such as learning support
assistants, technical support staff, subject-specific assistants or instructors, and administrative staff.
The teaching assistant should develop an understanding of the contribution made by these adults to
pupils’ learning, and take the initiative in communicating with them.
Below are listed several teams that could operate within a school.
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The Learning Support Team
The Learning Support Team exists to help any pupil with the way that they learn and in particular to
support those pupils who have special needs or focusing on a group of children that have the
potential to succeed with additional support. Their aim is to support pupils so that they can maximise
their potential.
The Learning Support Team will help...