Teaching Assistant Level 3

Unit 1

Communication and Professional Relationships with Children Young People and Adults
(1.1)   Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive   relationships with children, young people and adults?

Positive communications is extremely important to building relationships with children young people and adults. You want a calm environment so they can follow instructions and understand what is excepted of them .If we come across in positive
Manner they are more likely to open up to us and ask questions if they do not understand and if there are any issues in their life i.e.; home life, school, bulling, etc.
If we give effective communication than both parties will be clear and understand the context of the information they have shared and leaving less room for errors and more chance of successfully acting on the information given. To be an effective communicator we need to think about: what we are going to say, and how we are going to say it, what tone of voice of we need to use. We need to be able to listen to others and what they have to say, this will help them to realise they have be heard.   Doing this it will mean they feel supported and understood and more likely to be open with you.

(1.2) Explain the principles of relationship building with children, young people and adults?

The principle of relationship building is how you communicate and react to them .
All good relationships are built on respect and a willingness to listen to one another. You want to make them feel comfortable around you this will encourage a good learning environment. Building the right relationships with children, young people and adults will help them to learn and understand what is expected of them in the classroom.   It is important to be aware of the level of communication you want to give for the age of the person.

There are various ways of doing this not only by words but also by body language, making eye contact, different tones...