Teaching Assistant Level 3 Q 1&2

1) Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.

My first contribution to the lesson would be to prepare the instruments outlined in the lesson plan, ensuring that they were available for use on that day. I would then check the condition of the instruments, ensuring they were in good working order and clean. It is important that I make myself aware of any policy and procedures in place within the school for using percussion instruments and where possible refer to manufactures guidelines for appropriate use of the equipment and any recommendations.
It is then important that I familiarise myself with the learning objectives of the lesson plan and prepare the classroom to best meet these objectives, taking into account health and safety regulations, by ensuring there is safe access both in and out of the classroom, and that the pupils can move about the room safely. It is also important that I take into account that the pupils can use the instruments in a safe manner without any obstructions, ensuring there is enough space between each instrument.
During the actual lesson I can contribute by providing assistance to pupils who may not have understood the teacher’s guidelines. I may need to repeat the instructions in a different manner or to demonstrate what the teacher has asked. It is important that I re-enforce what the teacher has instructed.   Other assistance that I may need to provide is to show each student how to use the instruments in a safe and correct manner.
Supervising the students whilst using the instruments is part of the contribution I would make to the lesson ensuring all pupils use equipment appropriately throughout the lesson, and ensuring that if their concentration appears to be slipping to add a new fun aspect to what they’re doing, providing praise and encouragement would help to ensure the pupils actively participate in the lesson.
Observing the pupils...