Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 3

Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 3
Q1 (Weighting: 5)
Explain what is meant by the term National Curriculum.
The National Curriculum sets out the statutory requirements for the knowledge and skills that every child is expected to learn at school. It was introduced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 1988 and helps teachers plan and implement activities that meet individual learning needs of the pupils. The National Curriculum identifies what our learners should study and what standards they are expected to achieve for their age. It is divided into key Stages;
  * The Foundation Phase is the first key stage and consists of three to seven year olds which is nursery and year groups one and two;
  * Key stage two consists of seven to eleven year olds which are year groups three to six.
The Foundation Phase and key stage two are usually taught in Primary schools unless children require extra support with Primary school topics after moving on to Secondary schools.
  * Key stage three consists of children aged eleven to fourteen, year groups seven to nine;
  * And finally key stage four is fourteen to sixteen years olds which are year groups ten and eleven.
Key stages three and four are usually taught in Secondary schools unless there are special circumstances, as I mentioned above with children moving from Primary to Secondary school.
  Within Primary school settings the National Curriculum has three core subjects, which are; English, Mathematics and Science, and seven foundation subjects, which are, Information Communication Technology, Design Technology, History, Geography, Art and Design, Music and Physical Education. Each key Stage and subject area of the National Curriculum has a scheme of work, programmes of study, attainment targets and level descriptions. All these things help us in the teaching environment to understand what each learner requires to improve and develop their skills and understanding in each subject.
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