Teaching Assistant Level 2 - Question 1.1

Charlotte Bruce


A baby aged from 0-3 months will cry to make communication, they will cry because  
they need feeding or they might need their nappy changing.
They will have a close bond with their mother and when they are up-set they will seek comfort from their mother or father.
They will become aware of strangers and of unfamiliar surrounding and develop a sense of caution in these circumstances.
By the age of 9-18 months children will start to enjoy amusing themselves, as well as interacting with others and playing games. They will show a willingness to help others. They will enjoy going for walks, and start to help you to pick their toys up and putting them away. At bedtime they will they will enjoy a bedtime story.
By the age of 2-3 years your child will enjoy playing with older children this will show an increased desire and ability to imitate them. They will engage in imaginative and imitative role play games and could also used toys.
By the age of 3-5 years your child will be forming close friendships they will work together and with others if required. They will seek approval for their achievements.
By the age of 5-7 years your child will be able to take turns in games and learn to follow the rules of the game. They many also bond with an imaginary friend.
By the age of 7-12 years your child will often enjoy sports, they will form a group of close friends.
By the age of 12-19 years they will like to hang out with their friends, they will start to have more of a social life. There will be a lot of presure on them to do things a certain way to fit in.


Their growth is rapid and their brains are starting toform and develop. Your babies eyes will move together babies will also sleep a lot, but when they are awake they will move their arms and legs and try to lift up their head. The movements will be jerky to start off with but they will soon learn how to roll backwards and forwardsin time.
They will start to respond to...