Teaching and Learning Methods

Task 9
Teaching and learning methods
Different methods of teaching are used within school, You would not expect a foundation stage 2 child to learn in the same way a year 6 child would.
While being in school and through tutor group discussion, I have been able to create a list to show different teaching/learning styles.

Whole class teaching
Modelling The teacher will demonstrate to the class what is required and how they will proceed   with an activity, they will explain to the class how to record written results.
Use of whiteboard The teacher will use the whiteboard to provide a source of information for the children, They are able to write up their own ideas as well as the children’s to deliver any lesson.
Carpet input discussion The teacher will use carpet discussion to get the children thinking and this allows the children’s input into the lesson. The teacher may also read a story at the end of the day.
Interactive white board A tool used to source information, children will be able to play interactive games to begin a lesson, children may also watch video clips so they can input the information collected watching the clip into their work. There are numerous school games to develop the teaching of phonics and children will watch and sing along to songs shown on the phonics programme.
The advantages of whole class teaching is that all children get the information at the same time.
It promotes inclusion all the children will be able to see the information regardless of ability.
Some children may become bored and agitated while being taught in a whole group, they may start to disrupt the rest of the class.
This style of teaching is harder to differentiate as it is adapted to children who are in the middle groups.
Children in higher ability groups may find the work to easy.
Children in lower ability groups may find it harder to access the information.

Group work
Children learning or being taught in groups of three or...