Lesson Design for Rigorous Instruction |
Lesson Objective:   I will read and code a piece of text and summarize what is important to me and what is important to the author._______________________________________________Academic Vocabulary:   Perspective, Convey___________________________ |
| Teacher Actions and Responsibilities | Student Engagement Strategies |
Focus | Focusing Students on the Learning   * Remind students we are continuing to work on reading and comprehending nonfiction text.   We are learning multiple strategies to assist in sorting through the reading and determining what information is important to remember.   Learning theses strategies helps us become better readers and learners.   * Read objective to students | Quickwrite: List at least two strategies we have learned so far to help us determine importance in non-fiction text.   Share w/partnerChoral read objective |
TeachInstructional Scaffolding on the   objective | I Do – Teacher Explains and Models   * Teach vocabulary and introduce sentence frames:Perspective: a way of thinking about something, especially one which is influenced by the type of person you are or by your experiences – your perspective is your opinion or point of view (Examples:   children and parents might have different perspectives on good food – taste vs. nutrition; principals and students might have different perspectives on school uniforms – safety vs. fashion; When authors write, they often have a perspective they want us to understand)Convey:   to communicate or express something, to get your point across, it can be with or without words (Examples: Teachers want to convey to students that reading is important and fun;   clothes we wear can convey a certain message about us; ads and pictures convey messages. authors often convey a message -   something they want us to learn from reading their writing.   * Explain to students that what we are going to do today is read an article and try to distinguish between what we...