Teacher's Day

Let me begin by presenting before you two scenarios.

Scenario one - 2006 B.C. 

A guru is sitting on a raised platform with his students sitting on the ground below him. Their eyes closed, they are chanting:
Guru Brahma, guru Vishnu, 
Guru devo Maheshwara, 
Guru Sakshat Param Brahma 
Tasmayshree Gurave Namaha.
Now let us move to scenario two - 2006 A.D.

A teacher is trying to reason with his students who are beating him, flogging him and battering him mercilessly to death. 

I think you will all agree with me that Teacher's day has never been more significant than it is in today's turbulent times. 

'There is nothing in this world as permanent as change', wrote the great Roman poet Ovid many centuries back. This seemingly paradoxical statement best echoes the changing Teacher-student relationship. Our culture, our heritage, our mythology, is replete with examples of teachers who motivated and inspired their students to reach for the stars and students who lived up to their expectations.
Once, the greatest wrestler of his time threw an open challenge that he was invincible and no one could beat him in wrestling. Whoever defied him lost badly. Suddenly, a young man came forward and challenged him, but the wrestler refused to fight with him. He was ridiculed by everyone and was called a loser. Later, on being asked why he refused to wrestle he said that the young man who had challenged him was his student. He didn't want to fight with him because he felt it would be better to face thousand times more ridicule than defeating his own student. And his greatest victory would be when his student would prove to be better than him. His supreme happiness lay in that.
Can there be a greater example of sacrifice than this?
Earlier, Gurus were considered the same as God and the students used to give up their families, their friends, their everything for the attainment of education from them. The feeling of the students towards their teachers in those times...