Teacher Effectiveness

Effective Teacher

A lot of school districts around the country are lacking effective teachers.   Effective teachers are the educators that will not give up until a lesson is learned.   A teacher has to make the decision not just to show up to class because of the money.   More and more of this nation’s students are going astray because of the lack of effective teachers.   An effective teacher poses three major characteristics.   The effective teacher is a good classroom manager, has positive expectations and designs lessons for student mastery.
Every teacher knows the first day of school can make or break a person.   The students are constantly testing the teacher to see the teacher’s reaction.   At this point, the teacher will either break or stand his/ her ground.   An effective teacher lets the students know he/she is in charge by putting the classroom in order.   The teacher becomes more effective by establishing order in the classroom.   A well-ordered environment will lead to an effective classroom.
Every effective teacher should have positive expectations for all of the students.   Positive expectations mean that the teacher believes in the student.   There is a slacker student in every classroom.   The teacher should always handle those students with positive expectations.   Normal students and slackers will become more productive because of those expectations.   Positive expectations will establish a productive and cooperative working environment.
Any teacher can design a lesson plan and call it a day.   An effective teacher can design a lesson plan that can be comprehended and demonstrated by the students.   Lessons will be designed on a level of proficiency determined by the teacher.   Lesson mastery is not an easy job for the teacher or student. Teachers strive for student success when designing lesson plans.   Success is accomplished when the student has mastered the skill.
Effective teachers are role models for students and other teachers. Evaluating and...