Teacher Advocacy

Yadira M. Cesena
EDU 576
Philosophical and Social Issues in Education
Teacher Advocacy
First off I would like to thank you for the opportunity to stand before you as an advocate in the NCLB educational environment. I will start off by providing my definition of a teacher and including my belief statements that guide my actions as a teacher. In addition I would like to provide you with challenges that affect me as a professional educator, including Adequate Yearly Progress issues mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act. To summarize I would like to explain the tools that you as the State Board of Education can provide to help me succeed in the classroom as I implement NCLB policies.
What is a teacher? Everyone has a different definition or belief of what a teacher is to them. To me a teacher is a knowledgeable individual that teaches others what he or she knows. They are a role model to students and encourage them to seek their own knowledge. Teachers help make a difference in students’ lives and in their futures. A teacher is part friend, confidant, motivator, coach, actor, and leader, but most of all a teacher is an individual that sparks intellect and encourages students to pursue knowledge on their own.-Footprints Recruiting. I believe education is made up of many beliefs and ideas but the most important to me are as follows:
  Education is a life-long process that is constantly changing;   we continue to learn as we grow older.
      Every child regardless of their capabilities can learn and   succeed.
      All students should be given equal opportunities to use their   strengths and become successful.
      All teachers must believe in themselves and believe they can   and will make a difference in every student’s life.
      Education is not only academic but also interpersonal relations,   connections to the world and it includes values.
      Children are our future and it is the duty of the entire community   to educate them....