PTLLS Mandatory Unit – Preparatory Knowledge and Understanding

The new (2012) DTLLS
Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning

e-Workbook to support your learning for the PTLLS Module

PTLLS Mandatory Unit – Preparatory Knowledge and Understanding
The PTLLS unit provides a comprehensive introduction to teaching in the Lifelong Learning sector and also to
the DTLLS award. Some of the topics that you are required to study for this module will be revisited in greater
depth, later on in the programme. The understanding that you gain at this stage therefore provides an
important foundation for a deeper and more critical study in later modules.

What you need to know and understand

Legislation and codes of practice (relating to the teaching role)
Promoting equality and diversity
Roles, responsibilities and professional relationships
Safeguarding, behaviour and mutual respect
Inclusive and engaged learning (approaches and resources)
Embedding Functional Skills
Communication and feedback skills
Session Planning
Assessment methods

1. Legislation and codes of practice (relating to the teaching role)
PTLLS: Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning
1.1 Summarise key aspects of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice relating to own
role and responsibilities
Summarise, in the above criterion, implies that you need an
‘essential overview’ rather than a detailed knowledge of these
requirements. Regulatory requirements and legislation can be
regarded is the same thing, although legislation is generally a
comprehensive set of overarching laws governing and activity
regulations are generally restrictions or guidelines that have their
basis in particular legislation (also see the note, to the right).
Legislation and regulatory frameworks tend to centre
around the following areas:

Anti-discriminatory legislation
Health and Wellbeing
o Health & Safety1 Health and Safety 2
o Safeguarding...