TDA 2.8

LO 1.2

Health and safety is monitored and maintained in a verity of ways within the setting, there is a Healthy and Safety policy, which is shared with all staff, outlining the main areas. Staff training is kept up to date. Risk assessments are carried out regularly including a daily check of the environment which is being used, a full risk assessment of tools, equipment and the environment is carried out termly. The setting manager is responsible for health and safety and any risks identified should be directed to him. Regular staff meetings are held where any issues can be raised, if there are any issues in question can be addressed. Staff are made aware of any issues concerning health and safety to help minimise any risks and to ensure children are able to thrive in a healthy environment. Some safety checks are made annual like check carried on electrical good by a qualified electrician but there are checks like fire drills which are every week.

In the setting, staff and children are made aware of hazards around them, this is done by informing the teacher and staff of food allergies in the school, and this is also done by having information in the staffroom and other common rooms used in the school. They information will include a picture of the child in question, details of the food allergies and information where the epipen are kept. The school will also ensure that all staff and children know what to do when a fire alarm goes off, where the nearest fire exit is and where the fire assembly point is, the area will be marked with a sign as well. The school provide the cleaning staff with wet sign will make staff and children aware that the floor is wet and they can slip.

LO 1.4

I would have to inform the Class teacher then the matter would be forwarded to the Line manager, if the matter is still not resolved the senior management team would get involved, the next person to contact is the Health and Safety Officer....