Tda 3.1

Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships.
In order to contribute to positive relationships, you will need to demonstrate and model effective communication skills in your dealings with others. This means that you should consider both how you approach other people and how you respond to them.   We are more likely to communicate information to one another if we have positive relationships.  

Explain the principles of relationship building with children, young people and adults.
The principles of relationship building with children, young people and adults in any context are that if others are comfortable in our company, they will be more likely to communicate effectively. Where people do not get along or are suspicious of one another, they are likely to avoid one another wherever possible.

Explain how different social, professional and cultural contexts may affect relationships and the way people communicate.
When communicating with others, you will need to consider the context in which you are working. You will need to adapt the way you communicate in different situations. It is likely that you will do this automatically – for example, you should use more formal language and behaviour in a meeting. Your school will have a range of types of planned communication with other adults – when dealing with other professionals, there will be meetings and discussions as well as more informal communication at different times. However, the talking is not the only way in which we communicate – it happens through the way we respond to others, for example, how quickly we respond to an email or phone message, how attentive we are when speaking to someone, how we dress. You may find that the non-verbal forms of communication can be an issue if they are misread by others. You should also remember that different cultures will have their own rules of behaviour which will extend to gestures, body language and eye contact....