Tda 2.8. Task 1 Health and Safety

Task 1
Under the health and safety act of 1974 individuals are required to immediately report any hazards they may see to the appropriate person such as the head teacher. It is important to be aware of who you report health and safety matters to. The school is required to carry out annual risk assessments and staff/visitors are to follow the school's safety policy, all schools are required to have this policy which should be given to all members of staff so they are fully aware of all the procedures the school has in place to ensure the school is safe as possible, staff and visitors must make sure their actions do not harm themselves or others and they are required to use any safety equipment that is provided, as well as ensure equipment is safe to use. schools should share information on legislation and policies to Staff and volunteers by receiving an induction pack and training, viewing polices online or reading them on notice boards. There should also be regular meetings and emails so staff are reminded about procedures or to be made aware of any risks or hazards such as contractors in the building. The person responsible for health and safety such as head teacher or site manager should routinely carry out safety checks and risk assessments making sure that there are no hazards which have not been reported. if hazards are discovered they should be recorded and dealt with immediately all electrics should be checked and have annual PAT testing, fire extinguishers should be checked annually also and recorded on the outside of the extinguisher. equipment such as outside play equipment should be checked on a regular basis. Any first aid or accidents should be recorded in an accident book and the appropriate people notified such as parents/ carers. Regular fire drills are also important as pupils as well as staff learn what they must do in an event of a fire.