Driver & Vehicle Agency

Application for a Taxi Driver’s Licence


Taxi Licensing Section, Driver & Vehicle Agency (PTLD),
County Hall, Castlerock Road, Waterside, Coleraine BT51 3HS
Tel: 028 9025 4100


New Taxi Drivers

If your previous licence has expired by more than 1 year

From 31 October 2014, new taxi drivers will have a 2-stage

when your application is received by the Department, you

application process to complete.

will be asked to send a full medical report completed by your
doctor (this will be sent to you by the Department).

Stage one will require applicants to complete this form
(PV15 NI) in conjunction with an Enhanced Access NI

Applicants must have held a full licence to drive a car for at

Application (see Note 2) and submit a medical report (see

least 3 years.

Note 4). These applications including the fee and one

First time applications normally take 10 – 12 weeks to
process. You should apply for a renewal of your licence at

passport sized colour photograph should be returned to
the address detailed in the Note 6.

least 10 weeks but not more than 14 weeks before your

Furthermore, Stage two requires these applicants to undertake

current licence expires.

a driver theory test, followed by a practical driving test of

Duplicate licences and badges can be applied for using this
form. When applying for a duplicate licence applicants can
disregard the section on Health but should complete section
5 indicating the items they require. A fee may be required.

Current Taxi Driver Licence Holders
From 31 October 2014, changes will be made to the way
you renew your taxi driver licence as a result of The Taxi
Drivers’ Licences Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2014. From
this date, if your application to renew your taxi driver licence is
received within 2-years of its expiry date, you will be eligible to
renew it without undertaking a taxi driver theory and practical
test. However, if your licence has expired by more than 2-years