SWOT analysis is an examination of the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats faced by a company during its phase of operation. A SWOT analysis is important for Tata Steel to evaluate its current position and formulate strategies to tackle its competitors.
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  * Strengths of Tata Steel
      * Tata Steel is the pioneer of steel business in India and thus enjoys brand equity. Tata Steel has a multiple companies under the same banner, which gives it an advantage of value-chain efficiency, whereby the company can utilize products made in its sister companies to process raw materials and increase efficiency.

  * Weaknesses of Tata Steel
      * The biggest weakness of Tata Steel is its increasing debt-to-equity ratio. Most of its assets are financed by debt, which can be dangerous in the long-run. Tata Steel largely depends on domestic and a few international markets for generating business. This over-dependence can prove to be fatal in times of economic crisis.

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  * Opportunities for Tata Steel
      * Tata Steel is branching out to overseas market. The company has recently signed a deal with Corus group, which provides access to European markets. Tata Steel will now be in a position to utilize the R&D facility and the patents owned by the Corus group. Exposure to new technologies and markets is a big advantage for the company.

  * Threats to Tata Steel
      * In the current scenario, the biggest threat for Tata Steel is to maintain the Co2 emission standards when it starts its operations in Europe. The sudden overseas exposure along with a possible economic slowdown is the biggest challenge faced by Tata Steel in the...