Cultural funding by state
Overall, New South Wales (NSW) has the highest cultural spending by state compared with other regions in Australia. It would appear that this is due to NSW having the highest population density of all the country’s states.

This seems to be a natural progression as all the regions in descending order of state show corresponding figures relative to their own population density (with the exception of Western Australia (WA) which shows a higher spending relative to its counterparts).

Tasmania (TAS), with the second least overall cultural expenditure by state has roughly 10% of NSW population and equally, 10% of NSW Heritage spending. However, TAS lacks considerably with only 4.3% of NSW Arts spending which is half of what it should be if we relate the states by their population density.

Cultural funding per person
By contrast to above, the Northern Territory (NT), a region with the second least population in the country has easily the highest cultural spending per capita than any other state.

The data obtained and shown in the graph supplied shows a pattern almost opposite to that of Cultural funding by state. The graph displays a large decline in cultural spending per person as the population by state proportionately increases.

Tasmania, with the third least population in the country reflects in this case the third highest cultural funding per capita; but again has the least Arts funding per person even compared to the largest state (NSW).

Bear Markets and the S&P 500
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From the data chronologically recorded, it appears that the bear markets that occurred in the S&P 500 were anything but predictable; neither could anyone accurately estimate how long a...