Tasks and Projects



Teaching and doing a music-song Project is a very helpful tool to teachers since most of the students like   music and moreover, songs often contain the elements of repetition, rhyme, and rhythm that facilitate   memorization and easy imitation. Besides songs facilitate pronunciation much more easily.

Regarding to this   task, I found general and specific techniques for using songs and music in the classroom offered as a menu, but since classroom time is always very limited every minute needs to be used to provide language to observe and study, to offer intensive practice.
On the other hand as Vidal and Ribe’s point out that using a constellation of tasks do not necessarily lend coherence or a sense of progress, or even   motivation, to a series of lessons.
However, we can take advantage from mixed ability classrooms since this “Music” project has different activities.
First adaptation:
I have 38 teenagers in one group, the way I would adapt this project is as follows:
The classroom will be divided into groups between 8 and 10 members. Each group has to have students who know how to play a musical instrument. Two students who are good at drawing   will take the designers and manager role, and they will be in charge of organizing a   Rock concert and all the company business as well. An active and cheerful girl who starts the fan club will be needed. It has to be said that the “Band” has to cooperate and help with ideas or inputs during the project development.
Second adaptation:
Some of my students tend to be very shy and they will not be confident doing this long and demanding project, so another set of tasks will be required for them. These ones include much more activities than the previous one, but since the tasks are much more familiar to the kind they have been asked to solve before, then students will feel that their project is easier.
Project description:
    • Singing along.- Teacher asks...