Task one:   Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teacher/training cycle.
My ROLE as a Driving Instructor/Fleet Driver Trainer:
My role as a DSA ADI (Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor) Fleet Registered Driver Trainer is to value all learners individually and more importantly equally. My role is to create opportunities for learning, through high quality teaching that will enable the development and progression of all learners.
My role as a Driver Trainer is to plan all sessions by producing lesson plans, preparing teaching materials, assessing my learners, evaluating them, myself and how I deliver a session. I will need to administer attendance records, diaries, maintain pupil progress reports and ensure a duty of care with a thorough induction of the learning environment. I will also have to follow professional values and ethics ensuring I act and speak appropriately.
My Responsibilities as a Driving Instructor/Fleet Driver trainer:
One of my responsibilities is to ensure all Health and Safety and legal requirements are met, this will include:
• Having a fully maintained vehicle including daily inspection
• Vehicle is insured, road taxed and has a current MOT
• All required Licences/memberships are current and in date for the training vehicle and the learner
• Public Liability insurance is valid
• The learners pass the required eye sight test
• To ensure a safe, comfortable and secure learning environment
• To comply with the DSA Code of Conduct
As a trainer I should ensure that I continue to hold, develop and maintain the relevant skills to teach my subject. I need to make sure I continue to develop my skills and knowledge through CPD (continuous professional development). I have a responsibility to make sure all handouts, lesson plans, presentations and any other documents used is always spellchecked and holds the relevant information.
The Boundaries for a Driving...