Task Type: Individual Project Psychology

Task Type: Individual Project   Deliverable Length: 3 – 4 pages (APA format)
Points Possible: 200   Due Date: 7/9/2010 11:59:59 PM   CT  

Psychological information can be found throughout the media: newspapers, radio, magazines, television, and the Internet. The field of psychology encompasses love, memory, stress, persuasion, perception, creativity, learning, personality, intelligence, sexuality, emotion, and many other topics. Briefly define psychology, biological psychology, and explain what makes psychology a science. What topic within psychology is of particular interest to you?

Although some perceptual processes are innate or natural, all people do not perceive the world in the same way. Explain sensation and perception. Are we more aware of some sensations than others? Bergin, A. E. (1991). Values and religious issues in psychotherapy and mental health. American Psychologist, 46, 394-403.

Do you often see what you expect, want, believe, or need to see? Discuss how psychological and cultural factors such as individual needs, beliefs, emotions, or expectations may influence perception.
Include references as needed to support your assignment using APA format.
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Biological psychology, of biopsychology, is the application of the principles of biology to the study of mental processes and behavior, that is the study of psychology in terms of bodily mechanisms (New world encyclopedia).†  Another way to describe biological psychology is the mind-body effect. The focus is on the brain and nervous system for activities such as learning, thinking, feeling, senses and perception (Britannica). There are several areas of study that encompass biological psychology and those include the physical basis of the reception of stimuli from both internal and external sources (Britannica). Some other areas of interest are the psychological basis for motivated...