Task B Assignment 302 City and Guilds Pptls

Task B Assignment 302

  a) People have different ways of learning which help them to absorb information more easily than other ways.   For example, some people learn better through visual stimulation such as diagrams and spider charts.   Others may learn better by discussion, others by reading and others by doing physical activities.   This is why it is important to develop different learner approaches in order to meet the learner’s needs.   For example, you may be teaching a group of people the principles of music theory.   Say you are teaching them the difference between the major and minor keys in music.   Some students may respond better to writing down the notes of the different keys in musical notation onto a stave, others may respond better to trying to play the different notes on a piano or other instrument.   Once you have given them the principles of major and minor keys in music, you can then ask the learners to put these principles into practice either through written notation or on an instrument.  

These different learner approaches will require different resources, the first approach for example will require musical notation paper that has musical staves printed on it as well as pencils, rubbers and pencil sharpeners and the second approach will require access to at least one instrument or perhaps more.   These different resources will enable you to meet the learner’s needs.

Finally in assessing whether or not the students have learnt the principles of the major and minor keys it is essential that they are able to apply the principle to a new example.   In the context of learning music theory this would require the student to transpose to a new key and then change from major to minor in that key.   If the student can do this it shows that they have learnt the principle of major and minors keys in music and have not simply memorised a particular chord or scale.   You have enabled the learner to put into practice the theory and learn for themselves how...