Task 6 Cypop5

Understanding the importance of partnership with parents for all aspects of the home-based childcare service.
It is important to have good partnership with all parents and carers as well as their children. This is not only my opinion as the children act 1989 also agrees “Unquestionable rights. Such as being able to express a preference about which school their child should go to and the right to information about their child’s progress and achievements”. Parents and primary carers are the most important people in every child’s life. These are the people who children will learn their values, cultures and religious beliefs as they will have the most influence on a child’s attitude and development.
I will work hard to create positive relationship with the parents, carers and families of the children in my setting. I do this so that I can build trust and keep them informed of their child’s day, development and achievement.
It is very important for me as a childminder to establish a good relationship with parents and carers in all aspects of the childcare service I provide. Working in partnership with primary carers will enable me to provide the best care for their child. Having a good relationship with the child’s parent or carers will enable the exchange of information to be easier and more relaxed and over time I will gain trust and will make them feel confident.
I believe good communication is a vital part of the relationship between parents, children and childminders; this will make sure that the child and parents know how they are getting on and what has been happening whilst child is in my setting.
This can be maintained by regular meeting to discuss the child’s progress and also any problems that may be occurring. This discussion may reveal changes in the child’s home, social life so have to be handled sensitively.
If the parent decides to use my services I will give them a copy of my contract and ask them to take it away to read and sign it. In first...