Task 2

Accidents, illnesses and emergencies Policy
A child’s safety is of the up most importance and I will do my best to ensure they do not come to any harm. However accidents and illnesses do happen so this policy will details what is to happen if these do occur.

Accidents/ Emergencies
In the event of an accident/ emergency I will be responsible for ensuring that all the children are safe while working with the child on a one to one basis. If my assistant is on the premises I will ask that he keeps the children calm in a separate room so that I can give the individual child my full attention. Below is what will take place at this time;

• If your child has an accident I will reassure and offer comfort while accessing them for any harm/ injury.
• First aid procedures will be followed (I am trained and will have the necessary materials to hand at all times, a kit is on the premises and a smaller kit will be to hand when out of the house)
• Medical support/ ambulance will be sought if necessary.
• All other children will be moved to another area if it is available in order to limit the stress it may cause.
• Once the child is settled I will contact you (the parents/ carer) as soon as possible to inform you of the situation and to discuss whether you are needed to return to your child either on the premises or at the hospital.

After every accident I will
• fill in an accident form
• I will ask you to sign it and then give you a copy.

If the accident does require medical treatment then I will
• Inform Ofsted, as the Children Act regulation states.
• Inform my insurance company
• Seek advice and support from the NCMA
In the event of a fire
• Each child will follow the fire procedure (which they will have learnt throughout their time in my care, through fire drills taking place once a month).
• The emergency services will be phoned
• Children will be taken to a place where they can be kept warm and calm.
• Parents will be phoned in regards to...