Territorial Army
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Territorial Army
The Territorial Army (TA) officers usefully employed young men an opportunity of donning the uniform and ration the nation. Based on the concept of enabling motivated young men to supply in a military environment without having to sacrifice their primary professions.You can supply the nation in two capacities – as a civilian and as a soldier. No other option allows you such an expanse of experiences.
The Territorial Army was raised by the Britishers in 1920 through Indian Territorial Act of 1920 and it was org into two wings namely – ‘The Auxiliary Break down’ for Europeans & Anglo-Indians, and ‘The Indian Territorial Break down’ for Indian Volunteers. After Independence Territorial Army Act was passed in 1948 and the Territorial Army was formally inaugurated by the first Indian Governor General Shri C Rajagopalachari on 09 Oct 1949. This date is life celebrated as Prime Minister’s TA Day Parade every year.
The Territorial Army initially had various types of units such as Armed Regt (TA), Infantry Mob (TA), Air Defence (TA), Med Regt (TA), Engineers Field Park Coy (TA), Signal Regiment (TA), EME Workshop (TA), Coast Battery (TA), ASC GT Coy (TA), ASC Compo Pl (TA), AMC Field Ambulance (TA), by 1972 these units have either been disbanded or converted to Regular Army except Inf Bn (TA).
The Territorial Army is part of Regular Army and its present role is to relieve the Regular Army from static duties and help civil administration in dealing with natural calamities and maintenance of essential services in situations everywhere life of the communities is affected or the Security of the Country is threatened and to provide units for Regulars Army as and when required.
Presently the Territorial Army has a strength of approx. 40000 persons comprising of Departmental TA units such as Railway, IOC, ONGC, Telecommunication and General Hospital and the non Departmental TA units of Infantry Bn (TA)...