Target Market Segmentation

Target Market Segmentation
• Gender -Boscov's retail marketers of products such as clothing, cosmetics, personal-care items, food stuff, magazines, jewellery, furniture and footwear commonly segment markets by gender.
• Age- By choosing different age groups (newborns, teens, young adults, adults and the old), sales personnel are able to match Boscov's retail products with customer needs that meet their specific needs.
• Income segmentation - The level of income determine the type of products the consumers are likely to buy based on their financial muscle. Examples include automobile, clothing, foods and luxury.
• Life Cycle-Consumption patterns among people often differ because they are in different stages of the Family life cycle like marital status, having a family and age bracket combined.

• Ethnic segmentation -Marketers are developing unique approaches to sizable segments like the Asian, Afro-American, and American communities living in U.S. (Kotler et al )
Boscov's internal communication among management involves; telephone, emails, fax, post, notice, and group meetings. However, group meetings, emails and telephone are most common among a large percentage of employee communication (Pradnya Chitrao). On the other hand, sales personnel use technical skill, interpersonal and conflict resolution techniques, non-verbal communication, salesmanship and a measure of performance to determine their impact on the market (Janet Webster, Ravi Balasubramanian & Raja Peter). Boscov's has embraced friendly customer relations that are based on customer satisfaction, informed ratings and feedback. However, the retail lacks a concrete formal process of listening, analyzing and attending to customer complaints. According to customer complaint review, although some customers have enjoyed good will and excellent customer relations, some customers have sought an alternative source of retail products due to unattended customer complaints. The retail store has...