Taqa Level 3 Assessor

Learning Outcome 8: Understand the legal and good practice requirements in relation to assessment

8.1 explain legal issues, policies and procedures relevant to assessment, including those for confidentiality, health, safety and welfare
For the smooth running of an organisation or/and to meet the internal and external requirements of awarding bodies, it is a must to have some legal policies and procedures ready at hand in assessment. On one hand, it helps us to ensure that the whole process of assessment runs smoothly, on the other, it builds confidence amongst the learners to know they are protected.
Assessors need to understand how each policy and procedure affects the assessment process and themselves and their candidates.
Health and safety at Work Act 1974
There are some basic policies and procedures that ought to be an integral part of whole organisational set up.
  * Health and Safety Policy and Procedures: These are important. All organisations must carry out a risk assessment identifying the risks to employees, other workers, clients, members of the public and anyone who comes onto the organisation’s premises or uses its services. They must then draw up a health and safety scheme setting out a program to reduce the risks, or to minimize the negative impact if they do happen. Health and safety and risk assessments must be taken into account when carrying out assessments.
  * When observing candidates, the environment must be safe and meet all requirements of the Health & Safety at work act. All participants in the assessment have responsibility for reporting an unsafe practices, or unsafe environment, or equipment. The assessor must conform to any safety rules, e.g. in early years the removal of shoes in the baby room. The only time the assessor should intervene is if they feel their candidate is at risk.
  * Since in assessment, there is possibility of learners being under 18, the assessor or the authority has to carry out a specific...