Taqa Assessor

Q1 (AC 1.1) Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development

      Function of an assessment is to ascertain/evaluate previous knowledge and understanding of a subject against set specific standards and thus enable judgement about an individual’s competence and potential.

      It provides learners the opportunity to demonstrate progress made, subject or topic learnt, and any voids in knowledge and understanding. Aids teacher/trainer to give feedback, design and develop programs to improve and monitor student’s learning against required standards and competence.

      The types of assessments used are:

            • Initial assessment: - is a method to establish if any previous learning has taken place against the required standards and whether this knowledge, understanding or experience of the topic meets the current criteria. This forms the basis for the degree of any future learning needs.   Initial assessment will also identify any specific assessment or support requirements the learner may have.

            • Formative assessment: - is a method that teachers and trainers can use to conduct in-process assessment of student’s comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson, unit, or course to identify if he/she is having difficulty to understand the concept or acquire new skills.   The purpose of formative assessment is to inform future learning and assessment.

            • Summative assessment: - is a method used to assess learning or skill acquisition of any unit or topic at the end of instructional period against some benchmark or standards. Such an example of summative assessment can be midterm or final exams and, results often used as scores or grades then factored into a student’s permanent academic record.

Q2 (AC 1.2) Define the key concepts and principles of assessment

      An assessment is a process of ascertaining and making judgement of learner’s knowledge and...