Tanning Dos and Onts

Risk of Skin Cancer from Tanning Beds and the Sun             1

Skin Cancer or a Tan, You Decide
Trisha Linebarger
April 23, 2012
Pam Strunk

Risk of Skin Cancer from Tanning Beds and the Sun                                                       2
  The honest truth is that everyone is at risk of developing skin cancer. Long term exposure to tanning
beds or the sun increases your risk of skin cancer. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Is a tan really
worth it?” There is no such thing as a safe tan unless you go sunless or use a spray on tan. Learn how to  
protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects, so you can still enjoy playing in the park and
going swimming. It is never too late to get educated on the damage than tanning will do to your skin
and your health. Whether you tan in the sun or use a tanning bed, both increase your risk of skin cancer
and melanoma at any age.
    There are many risks in tanning at any age whether it is in a tanning bed or in the sun. Adults and
teenagers alike are so focused on their appearance and having a tan, they do not think about the
consequences or long term effects. Balk (2011) says, “Tanning beds put out 10 to 15 times as much UV
radiation as a noontime sun” (p.16). This is definitely something to think about when you are trying to
get a tan for an upcoming vacation at the beach or your high school prom when teenagers want the
look from head to toe. This is when you have to decide if vanity is really worth it. With all the celebrities
in the public eye, you cannot help but want the perfect skin tone, body, and hair. Remember there is a
price you pay when you use tanning beds and the harmful sun to get the perfect tan that they have.
Martin (2012) stated, “Compared to people who had never used a tanning bed, indoor tanners had a
74% increased risk of melanoma” (para.4). The effects of tanning and skin cancer are also true for
sunbathing. The sun...