TMA 04
Supporting children’s learning through the curriculum

All names have been changed to ensure anonymity. Consent has been given by the setting, child and parent. The child was told that s/he could stop at any time.

Part 1
In the 1 part of assignment I will write an analytical account of key elements of one child’s learning and development in areas of personal, social and emotional development and knowledge and understanding of the world. I will base on my four observations for the last two weeks, evidence provided by child’s reception school teacher (with parent’s permission) and things that parent say to me.
Child A is 5 years old.   He attends my setting five times a week. One hour session before school and three hour session after school. He comes full - time during school holidays. Child A lives with parents and younger brother. His mother is from Poland and father from Estonia. Child A speaks free languages: English, polish and Russian.
Personal, Social and emotional development
“Children need to be confident, but also socially competent, in order to approach others and to make friends” (Study Topic 17, p., 118).A Child is very sociable and nice boy. He easy form contacts with children and with adults. He has good relationship with me and all the children I my setting. According his school's teacher a child has a good understanding of the class rules and is able to follow them well. I give child A opportunity to learn how to work together, co-operate with each other and listening to one another by provided group activity (see appendiies1-4). From my observation I can notice that child A shows his care and concern of others. He develops gradually friendship with the younger boy from my setting and cares for him. In observation3 about water (see appendix 3) he explains his little friends the issues concerning the school, offers assistance with use of water toys and declares looks after him in my absence. Child A cares for other...