Talking the Walk

Running head: Talking the Walk: Pursuing a Master OF ARTs Degree

      Talking the Walk: Pursuing a Master of Arts Degree
      Stephen Brown
      University of Phoenix

Talking the Walk: Pursuing a Master of Arts Degree
      Do people succeed by natural talent and ability or by hard work and determination? Are leaders born or do they rise to the occasion? I believe it is both. The people who reach the top of their professions work hard and are determined to develop and polish their raw skills and abilities. My primary motive for pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in Education is to validate and formalize my hard work and determination. My natural abilities and passion have carried me from a successful and gratifying career as an instructor to the director of curriculum for a global software company. But I have not peaked. To advance my personal development I need to formalize what comes to me naturally. To advance my career I need the validation of an advanced degree.
      Teaching has always come naturally to me. Perhaps it is genetic. My mother was a teacher. Her mother, while never certified in any capacity, taught Sunday school at her church. I never questioned my ability to break a task down and explain it step by step. You may not even recognize your main strengths. You may think, "Everyone can do that," and not see your talents. Or, you may simply be blind to your strengths (Rath, 2007).
      My first experience as a teacher came in my last year of college. On the path to becoming a television director, I was selected for a project that required me to create a video using unskilled high school students. The project required the high school students to be the on air talent, videographers, sound and lighting crew. At the time I didn’t really think of myself as a teacher, I simply imparted the necessary skills the best way I knew how.
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