Talent Mangmnt

In general, MAS views talent management as a strategy to develop the leadership of employees from the support level to the top level. Totally, Talent Management could be described as conducting training for the leadership. Leadership is not just focused on of the top level but also for the support level. This strategy is relevant to the overall development program of MAS as to have the skill of everyone to take the lead in everything to do. The Talent Management practices in MAS, has taken initiatives by doing training internally. To make it a success, MAS developed the Leadership behaviour phases. The six phase that are crucial for successful business transformation are going for the impossible Anchoring on the “P & L” , situational leadership, winning coalition, discipline or action and successful transformation.
To date, the Talent Management Department has developed almost 100 leaders in the company. About six months after training, employees find that challenging tasks are tackled by making sure able to apply from what have learnt during the training sessions. From practice and feedback, the department would be able to gauge the leadership mind set from their identified potential leaders. This is relevant to their identified potential leaders. This is relevant to their goal to build MAS people as motivated and energetic person also have a Job Rotation Program, where MAS target to rotate people every 3 years. It is our planning to rotate 155 people so that they are multi-skilled and mobile according to the need of MAS.
There are about 19,000 MAS staffs worldwide. “MAS” focuses on the executive level by hiring assertive and energetic talents. MAS plans to coach 3,000 capable leaders by 2015. The strategy is to build up the momentum of leadership in the organization. Talent Management is also about developing mind set for the future of staff. “MAS” has attracted talented people by selective recruitment of fresh graduates. During interview sessions, we take...