Tale of Two Cities

In the Tale Of Two Cities, the events that occur are caused by prior events which will influence events that will happen later in the story.
In Chapter 9 when another “stone face” is added to the chateau, the chateau is another castle Marquis lives in.   Marquis kills Gaspards son because he doesn’t care about the poor. Gaspard then stabs Marquis for running over his son with his carriage and kills him. The whole things is foreshadowing for several reasons; because the title “The Gorgon’s Head” is a Greek goddess and when people look into her eyes they turn to stone. The Chateau where Marquis lived is made of stone and Marquis heart is also made of stone in which he is so cold hearted and cruel. Finally, he dies by the fountain made of stone where the little boy died.
In Chapter 1 the main reason why Darnay is found innocent is because the trial began with the Attorney General's long and digressive statement of the treason charges against Darnay.   Darnay's counsel, Mr. Stryver, attempted to discredit the prosecution's two main witnesses which were John Barsad and Roger Cly, but the turning point in the trial comes when Stryver's associate, Sydney Carton, alerted him to the remarkable physical resemblance between Carton and Darnay. Stryver dramatically calls attention to the resemblance during the questioning of another witness for the prosecution. He was showing doubt onto the man's testimony that he saw Darnay waiting for someone in a hotel. Stryver concluded the case with witnesses and a summary that cover Barsad as the spy and traitor and Cly as his assistant. He states that Darnay is an innocent victim whose confidential family affairs caused him to travel between the two countries. After an hour and a half, the jury returns with a finding that Darnay is innocent.
Darnay is a French teacher in london, and he visits Doctor Manette to admit his love for Lucie. He admires Manette’s strong relationship with his daughter, and tells him that his own love for...