Tale of Two Cities and Life

Jordan Miller
Honors English
Mrs. Martin

  Clouds Blocking the Light of Righteous Judgment  

  an Essay about Charles Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities

In Charles Dicken's   A Tale of Two Cities (ATTC) he teaches the reader that emotions can cloud judgment. Both Gandhi and many Jedi Masters through out the Star Wars saga said something along these lines. This statement is completely true, Mrs. Defarge, and the Marquis/the Evermondes are perfect examples. Acting out on angery, lust and greed some of the most common ways of developing a clouded judgment.
The Evermondes, being extremely wealthy, feel like the law does not apply to them. The twin Evermonde brothers end up creating a lust for a peasent women. Their lust had seized control over their conscience. The two killed the woman’s husband, stabbed her brother, and then raped the women. The twins have Dr. Manette arrested. Dr. Manette knew what happened so the Evermondes have him arrested for 18 years.   That caused major problems for generations with in the Defarge family. The lust that had been forged had created the fear with in the Evermondes. Causing them to arrest Manette, an inosent man, because their judgment had been handicapped by fear, lust and greed. (Book 3 Chapter 10)
Having massive amounts of money, the Marquis does what ever he feels like doing. Usually when people are in the same social class they treat each other equally and are generous to the less fortunate. The Marquis does not. Massive amounts of wealth that is with in their wallets blinds them. Greed creates foolishness; foolishness then spawns lack of care, responsibility and judgment. This is what cause the Marquis to not even care when he ran that child over and killed him. All he did was toss out a gold coin. Not an “I'm sorry” or an apology. His judgment of right and wrong had been so corrupted he had a heart as black as space itself. He had no reason to be this way that is what makes it even worse. (Book 2 Chapter 7)...