Tale of the 3 Brothers J K Rowlin


The tale of the three brothers.
  * The villain: The villain struggles against the hero. In this tale it would be the death because he took the two brothers for his own possession.
The villain attempts to deceive his victim by using persuasion, magic, or deception. In the case of the fairy, the death offers them three gifts. The oldest brother asks for the most powerful wand in existence, which will win any duel. The second brother asks for the power to recall others from Death and the youngest asked for something that would enable him to go forth from that place without being followed by Death

  * The hero: In the tale there is no specific hero, but we can think about the youngest brother. He was the only one that defied death and escaped from his clutches for many years. He was the humblest and wisest of the brothers. He was intelligent enough for no trusting death. He battled in his own way; he had the possibility to choose when he wanted death found him. It was only possible when he gave to his son the enchanted cloak of invisibility.

  * Victory: Villain is defeated (killed in combat, defeated in contest, killed while asleep, banished); In the end, Death always wins but, in that case, we can say that the brother won because he was able to decide when he wanted to die.

  * Victims: the three brothers.

  * The donor: Prepares the hero or gives the hero some magical object. Death gives to the 3 bothers a prize for having been clever enough to evade him. The older brother received an undefeatable wand.

  * There is no dispatcher, princess, false hero
  * Recognition: The hero is recognized by being clever enough to evade death.

  * The (magical) helper: the cloak of invisibility helps the hero in their...