Taking Better Care of the Earth

We take so much from the world, every day. The plants, the animals, the air we breathe are all crucial to our everyday lives. So, why don’t we take better care of the place where we live? If you think about it, the earth is just one big home. You wouldn’t leave garbage all over your house or destroy part of it without planning to rebuild it. So, why should people treat the earth that way, especially when other animals and plants live on it, too?

Most people take nature for granted, and they don’t care about what they throw onto the ground, because they don’t think that it will affect them. They think that they can’t change anything and that even if they try to help the environment, other people are just going to pollute it and destroy it again. However, not doing anything at all is just as bad as being the one who causes the pollution in the first place, because it shows others that you know hurting the environment is bad, but you are too lazy to do anything about it. Even if it doesn’t seem to make a difference, doing little things, such as recycling, can add up. Also, walking a few more steps to throw garbage in a trash can instead of on the ground, could help an animal keep a clean home. When other people see trash on the ground, they tend to think they can litter too, because someone else did it before. In addition, saving energy helps the environment because fossil fuels pollute the air. If you are done watching the television, turn it off. If you finished charging a battery, unplug the adapter.

The little things that people could take the time to do seem useless, but they do add up. The environment is a very precious part of our lives. If we ruin it, it’s not going to magically become better again. It’s up to us to fix the damage we’ve done and people need to start doing something, now!