Take as You Please

There is no formula for life,there's only the way to live.It is ours to find and ours to walk this way. There's so much in this package called life, sights to see, emotions to feel, moments to experience and records to set. but above this all, we must realise, like a banquet, we cannot take it all, we were'nt made to. we can only take what we can, and herein lies the deal.What do you you choose, what were you made to be. How do you live, which paths do you take, what do you do now?

There seems to be a plague around these days. dangerous and destroying. a curse as i would describe it, a cruel burden. Many of us,sadly, have fallen to it. We are under the weight of this inhumanity, and most pitiful of all is we don't even know. It is this craze and unreasonable pressure to be everyone else. To walk the paths chosen by others,as opposed to that we know we should. many times we do the things we do not because we want to or because we should, but because we fear the reactions of others. The "rulers" of our lives I have named them.

You don't live for others. The world won't crash if you dare to be who God made you to be. It won't hurt to pace things every now and then instead of saying yes to every thing. We all walk this way, but we are not all at the same spot at the same time. it is good does not always mean it is right. you just pay attention to where God would have you be and what He would have you do? nothing more nothing less. you won't miss it following Him.

Life is a banquet of delights, and the choice of what to pick and what not to is yours. Find that which is yours as God predestined.

Choose wisely!