Tai' Chi Benefits

Benefits of Taiji
As there are many health benefits of Taiji; some benefits have more of a long term effect then others. Examples of illnesses that are beneficial of long term Taiji are ADHD and ADD, Low Bone Density, Arthritis, Digestion, and Allergies / Asthma. Through the continuous use of Taiji it is believed that many illnesses can be diminished or even cured. I was surprised at the amount of research that has been performed to prove the benefits of Taiji.
In May of 2010 researchers studied a summer camp in Louisiana focused on behavioral control, this summer camp was based around use of Taiji as a function of life. Research proved that in as little as 6 weeks that adolescents with mental illnesses such as ADHD and ADD benefited by gaining behavior control, cognitive skills, control of daydreaming and emotions, as well, they had a great improvement on anxiety. I believe that Taiji would be a great alternative activity for ADHD and ADD children to gain focus of their body and mind verses pumping them full of experimental drugs that disconnect their mind from their body.
Taiji is a promising intervention for maintaining healthy bone mineral density; there is no proof of adverse effects of the art to bone density, but there is adequate reasoning for why it may be beneficial. Currently there is research being done at the National Institute of Mental Heath that is proving depressed women have an average Bone Density of women twice their age. The use of T’ai Chi and QiGong is being used in this study to reduce depression and anxiety with the mental state of the art. As a side effect, using weight bearing exercises, the women have shown increased results in bone mass and connective tissue.
Once again in the use of weight bearing exercise, included with the fluid motion of Taiji has proven beneficial in the fight against Arthritis and other similar symptoms. Taiji’ low impact movement causes no joint damage (unlike other higher impact exercises). Research...